Command Usage Description
!gmod !gmod Adds the "Garry's Mod" role to you.
!scp !scp Adds the "SCP: Secret Laboratory" role to you.
!both !both Adds the "INT" and "PL" role to you.
!int !int Adds the "INT" role to you.
!pl !pl Adds the "PL" role to you.
Command Usage Description
!leave !leave Disconnects the bot.
!np !np Displays what is now playing.
!pause !pause Pauses music.
!play !play [link]|[query] Plays music from YouTube.
!queue !queue Displays current queue.
!resume !resume Unpauses music.
!search !search [query] Searches for music on YouTube to play.
!skip !skip Votes to skip music.
!skipo !skipo Skips music.
!volume !volume [amount] Changes volume between 1% to 200%.
Command Usage Description
!ask !ask [question] Asks the bot a yes or no question.
!ascii !ascii [text] Converts text into a ascii copypasta.
!choice !choice [choice1] [choice2] Chooses between multiple choices.
!explode !explode [image] Modifies an image by expanding the middle.
!magic !magic [image] Modifies an image with content-aware scale.
!quote !quote [user] Displays a quote from a user.
!roll !roll Rolls a 6-sided die.
!vapor !vapor [text] Converts text into vaporwave text.
!vote !vote Creates a vote.
!zalgo !zalgo [text] Converts text into zalgo text.
!ping !ping [user] Pings a user multiple times.
Command Usage Description
!avatar !avatar [user] Displays a user's avatar.
!help !help Displays command help.
!ip !ip Displays servers' IP's and DNS's.
!leaderboard !leaderboard Displays the Discord leaderboard.
!top !top Displays the SCP: SL leaderboard.
!math !math [expression] Calculates an expression.
!scp !scp [number] Creates a link to a SCP wiki page.
!serverinfo !serverinfo Displays Discord's information.
!stats !stats [user] Displays a user's stats.
!status !status [game] Displays a game's servers' status.
!twitch !twitch [user] Displays a user's Twitch information.
!userinfo !userinfo [user] Display's a user's information.
Command Usage Description
!clearwarns !clearwarns [user] Deletes all warns on a user.
!deletewarn !deletewarn [user] [id] Deletes a warn on a user.
!mute !mute [user] [reason] Mutes a user.
!purge !purge [amount] Deletes 2-100 messages in the channel.
!unmute !unmute [user] Unmutes a user.
!warn !warn [user] [reason] Warns a user.
!warns !warns [user] Displays warns of a user.