1. Our servers are free to use and everyone is welcome to come and use them.
2. Every person using our servers agree to follow the rules.
3. Voice chat server belongs to Sauron, who is in its full responsibility and also takes care of it himself.
4. Terms of use of the server might change at any given time.
5. We do not take responsibility for uptime of our servers, but we will do our best to make sure they are online at any given time.
6. Every bug/exploit should be reported to server's administrators.

Public Channels

1. Do not record conversations on public channels without permission of all users currently using that channel
2. Public channels are split, some of them have user limit and some of them don't.
3. Breaking terms of use of public channels will be looked in to by admins and might cause kick/ban of the user.

Other Rules

1. It is not allowed to use names that are;
a. Offensive, racist, discriminating or simply not appropriate.
b. Made of same letter/symbol or are shorter than 3 letters/symbols.
c. Pretending to be server's admin.
2. It is not allowed to use avatars that are offensive, racist, discriminating or show any kinds of nudity.
3. It is not allowed to send offensive, racist, discriminating or nudity messages.
4. It is not allowed to advertise other voice chat servers, game servers or websites.
5. It is not allowed to use tags in front of the names especially when they are reserved for certain groups.
6. It is not allowed to pretend to be someone else by using same name as other person.
7. It is not allowed to send links that might content malicious or dangerous content.
8. It is not allowed to spam.
9. On server try to use proper English, in the way that everyone on the server could understand.


1. Owner got right to declass admin or any other user without giving a reason for it.
2. Owner’s decision is final decision and will not be changed.
3. Admins have right to kick/ban user if he/she breaks any of the rules.
4. Admins are obligated to fulfil his duties on a server and must be up to date with rules that are currently in place on the server.
5. Admins are obligated to know rules of the server and must not break them. Admins should give good example as well as they should be well mannered, helpful, calm and objective in decisions he make.
6. Admins are not obligated to explain all of their actions (is obligated to give reason), unless it is required by an owner.
7. Admins job on the server is to make sure it is safe for all users as well as keeping high standards of manners.
8. Admin is obligated to punish user based on conditions.
Sauron is owner of the server and his will is undisputed.